Lomi bodywork helps you:


“When we work on the table I feel like I’m in an altered state but totally conscious too and after I feel renewed and stirred up in a good way. I feel more supported from the inside like there’s a security blanket wrapped around me.”

—Student, age 17

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Create room in your body to feel and express

Your history shapes you emotionally, physically and energetically. As Caroline Myss says, “Your biography becomes your biology”. Lomi bodywork allows you to discover chronic places of constriction in your body that correlate to unresolved emotional issues. This form of bodywork is a direct way to access the unconscious and help you get out of your head.

I use bodywork as a tool to invite you back into your body.

I was trained in Lomi somatic body work by Richard Strozzi Heckler and Staci Haines. Physical movement, support and breath techniques are used to stretch your connective tissue to increase the flow of energy through your whole body. This thaws out stored trauma and interrupted impulses, such as crying or running, in a noninvasive way. Each session disorganizes and reorganizes you a little differently, giving you a new experience of yourself and a new orientation towards the world.

There are many forms of bodywork. This is not massage. It is a light-touch technique that is performed fully clothed.

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