1. Find out how one woman recovered from abuse and reconnected with her family
  2. Learn how one woman learned to manage angry outbursts and saved her relationship
  3. Find out about how one man reduced his anxiety and moved through the grief
  4. Learn how one man silenced his internal critic and stopped being a people pleaser
  5. Find out how one man conquered his fear of flying


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How I’ve helped my clients overcome obstacles

My clients want to feel more comfortable in their own skin and in their intimate relationships. They want to learn to trust themselves and respond to what they know intuitively instead of pleasing those around them. Clients are often contemplating a break up or a huge life transition such as committing to a new partner or job or grieving a loss.

Common challenges are with communication and boundaries in their personal and professional relationships. Many clients have worked through histories of abuse through talk therapy but found it was not enough and believe the path to healing is through the body.

Others find that their habitual reactions in intimate relationships prevent them from having what they say they want most. They are scared to let go of the familiar, but they are ready to unwind old trauma and uncover the essence of who they are.