“Something deep inside me has been awakened; a door has been opened to another world I never knew.”

—Handyman business owner, age 62

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How one woman healed from abuse and reconnected with her family

When C, a 24 year-old grad student and artist, came to see me she was having flashbacks of her grandfather abusing her and night terrors that made her drench her bedding in sweat most nights. She reported having violent, angry dreams about her mom since she was ten. C refused to have any correspondence with her mother and had not been home in over a year.

C had a hard time conveying to her dad the seriousness of her emotional state. When her weight dropped below 100 Lbs this was a way for her to nonverbally ask her dad to support her. This was a justifiable reason for him to come visit. Through the sessions they both learned how unless things are stated or experienced in extremes in their family they get ignored.

In Their Own Words

Dad: I am a conservative Christian in my early 60’who lives in the mid-west. I went in a skeptic and came out a believer.

Daughter: To take generations and work with them you can stop the cycle of violence. Charna did an incredible job of speaking to the logical and religious part of my dad. She teaches vulnerability by being vulnerable and boundaries by being clear.

Dad: Concerning my apprehension about “body work”, Charna did several exercises that were far beyond my expectations (dare I say life changing).

Daughter: I felt a sense of safety I’d never felt before with my dad. I felt understood by him for the first time in my life.

Dad: She made it possible to share some of our most personal feeling and bring a closeness and love to us that I had not before experienced. 

Daughter: Another important thing Charna reflected back to us was how our facial expressions and tone of voice are incongruent with what we say. This was preventing my dad from really getting how terrifying it’s been to deal with the memories of abuse. I’m good at appearing like I’m not affected or laughing and smiling when I’m scared.

Daughter: I allowed myself to be vulnerable with him and hug him for the first time in my life and have it feel nice instead of gross. I saw him as my dad--this caring protector.

Dad: For the first time in my life (since I was a child hugged by my mother) I felt love and loved. Something deep inside me has been awakened; a door has been opened to another world I never knew. I went out to help D heal and I was the one who was healed.  

Daughter: Recently I was willing to go home and see my mom for the first time in awhile. It’s a huge relief to have my dad as an ally.