“She zeroed in on the part of me that needed support, understanding and wisdom.”

—Soft ware engineer, age 38

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How one man stopped his anxiety attacks and grieved the loss of loved ones

When J came to see me he reported daily anxiety attacks. He was also grieving the death of multiple loved ones. J’s physical and emotional state forced him to stop activities he had previously enjoyed. He was forced to give up familiar roles, look at what wasn’t working and try something different. J expressed existential concerns, such as “I’m not sure who I am anymore.” Initially, support was crisis management and teaching him grounding and breathing practices. Then we spent the bulk of our sessions doing psycho-education about trauma and bodywork to help J tolerate his own sensations so that he wasn’t so reactive to his own internal experience.

We worked together to:

In His Own Words

“I started seeing Charna in November 2006. I was experiencing very difficult symptoms around grief; my father had passed away one year prior, and one of my closest friends had passed away only a couple months later. My favorite uncle was already diagnosed with cancer and was only two months away from dying. I had started a Buddhist meditation practice, which initially greatly helped, but my grief got worse and eventually included extreme physical symptoms, such as anxiety and shaking throughout my body. At the time I first started seeing Charna I felt very close to a nervous breakdown.”

“Charna's sessions immediately started to help. I felt she zeroed in on the part of me that needed support, understanding and wisdom. Through her sessions, I learned to get in touch with what has happening in my body, to see it as a natural, albeit extreme, process of moving through pain and addressing long standing issues around how I deal with trauma and change that had always been there, but never triggered to such a large degree.”

“Working with Charna has given me great insight into trusting my body, learning to communicate with it as a part of me and not a separate entity divided from my thinking, conscious self. I have found her to be a very wise, caring and highly competent guide, one whom I completely trust and have already highly recommended to others.”