“My time with Charna has truly been transformative. I am literally not the same person I was prior to working with her.”  

—Public Health Research, age 31

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Find out how one man over came his fear of flying

When we met, this man reported that his phobias and sensitivity compromised his quality of life. He wanted to be able to fly for work conferences and visit his family, but feared doing this for many years. He longed to feel comfortable and safe in his own skin and in public spaces. We worked on the underlying anxiety that resulted from internal pressure to take care of those around him.

We worked together to:

In His Own Words

“I’m sitting at home, getting ready to leave for another flight. It’s been five months since I started my work with Charna, and I have to say that I feel more prepared and more confident in myself than I did prior to this work.”
“Before November, I hadn’t flown on a plane since 1997. There were a lot of things that stood in the way; 9-11, my own anxiety and claustrophobia. I think what was truly the case was that I just wasn’t comfortable and confident in my own body. I hadn’t felt agentic my whole adult life, and when it came to flying what scared me the most was taking responsibility for myself, and protecting myself.”

“The work I did with Charna Cassell focused on exercises which put me back into my body, and helped me to have a sense of myself. Once there, we began exploring how my own energetic field plays a part in how I can experience my body, and a sense of comfort. For instance, learning how to expand my energy has helped me not feel as crowded in closed spaces – that while my physical body might be in one setting, I existed simultaneously in a space which could contain as much of my thoughts, worries, hopes, and dreams as I could possibly imagine. This was not only useful, but comforting.”  

“I learned how when I’m feeling certain “aches or pains,” that in fact that’s my body trying to tell me something about how I’m experiencing a space, setting or situation. With Charna, I’ve learned how to interpret those sensations, and navigate those spaces while firmly anchored in a deep sense of trust in my own stability, and strength. In fact, in thinking about positive imagery in order to conduct breathing exercises, one of the places that I conjure in my minds eye is Charna’s office itself – a space which recalls sensations of positive energy, safety and trust.”