Energy meditation can:



“I am learning how to listen to my partner and be supportive, without taking on energy that is not my own. Before I started working with Charna, in my mind it felt like I could no longer be in the relationship. Too many needs of mine had gone unmet and I made it about my partner instead of my inability to ask for what I need. It feels good to move through the world, more aware of myself, equally aware of others, but without wanting to change the way other people do things. Not only do I feel more open, but I feel more connected.”  

—Wellness teacher, age 29

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Energy Meditation

Choose where you spend your energy and take your power back

It’s true that your energy follows your attention. There is incredible power in being able to choose where you place your attention and direct your energy. Many people feel depleted and invaded by others energetically.

I teach guided meditations that help you learn to direct your breath, awareness and attention. I may also incorporate energy work during experiential exercises and during bodywork. I teach awareness of energy systems in the body, when they get activated and why this is significant.

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