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"Charna's group helped me recognize signals in my body which were preventing me from having fulfilling relationships. I've taken with me an increased ability to express my needs and move towards self love."

—Embodied Sexuality group member, age 26

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I am available to teach workshops or lead groups on many topics. If you would like to be notified the next time one of these events is offered, please contact me.  I am also available to bring workshops to your school, yoga studio, pilates studio, woman’s group or organization. Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

I am available to talk with adults and youth about:

Upcoming workshops:

  1. Whole Selves, Whole Sexuality: A training ground for building intimate relationships.
    A 12-week group for women; Date TBD

    Often feeling shut down sexually is symptomatic of other concerns not being expressed. Feeling safe and in touch with our bodies allows us to take risks, honestly admit to ourselves and others what we need, as well as begin and end relationships with more confidence. Through participation in discussion and experiential exercises, you’ll learn embodiment skills that support a deeper connection to your sexuality, intuition and power. This is a process-oriented therapy group.
  2. An Embodied Approach to Intimacy:
    A half day workshop for men and women;
    Date TBD
    Develop the embodiment skills that support a deeper connection to your sexuality. You'll learn how to deepen your ability to connect with your intuition and power, which can help you to take risks and move toward the whole sexuality that you really want. Through participation in discussion and experiential exercises you'll leave with more awareness of your own sensations, what they are telling you and how it feels to ask for what you want (and get it). This class is open to couples and individuals.