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These are all are forms of trauma and healing is possible.



 “Charna taught me that trauma is engraved in our bodies, which has its own language and memories. Through our sessions, I learned to channel these impulses and allow them to flow freely throughout my body for the first time and without fear. Nowadays I am able to handle situations that before set me off into a stupor of rage in a mature and collected manner”

—Paralegal, age 26

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My approach

Three dimensional living

You can live fully in your body and in your most fulfilled state of expression. You are literally shaped by your history. The stories you tell about yourself show up in how you carry yourself and how much you feel. To live in three-dimension means knowing what feels good to you, knowing what you want and what your boundaries are. Living in three dimension helps you reoccupy yourself after hurtful or frightening experiences. When you can feel all of yourself, there is permission for all of who you are to exist.

Your connection revival

Expressing your feelings and recognizing the signals that mean” yes” or “no” may feel very foreign to you. This work helps you learn to access your emotions and voice your needs with more ease. You may try to please people or maintain connection by centering in or around others. It is hard to know what you want when you’re not connected to your own center. Being in intimate relationships can bring up anxiety and overwhelm for many people. This work helps you tolerate your sensations enough to be connected and work through the feelings that arise.

Invigorating families with intimacy

Much of what you inherit from your family are beliefs about how you are bad or what you have to do in order to be lovable. I will help you break down the belief and value systems that are automatic, that you are programmed to believe. Accepting your self and your entire range of emotions and sensations helps you develop compassion and unconditional love. Breaking free from past patterns is an opportunity to forgive yourself and others. When we heal ourselves there is a ripple effect. We heal our families and communities.


What is Trauma?

Most people experience trauma to some degree – whether it is emotional or sexual abuse or a subtle unmet need. I integrate multiple modalities in a single session to meet each person where they are at and determine what will be most beneficial. What is traumatic to one person may not be to another. I often think of trauma as a contraction in the body that does not respond to present time. Let me help you unwind the effects of past trauma so you can live fully expressed in the present.

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