More praise from past and present clients

“In shifting the shape of my body and developing self-trust, my body has been more open to receiving intimacy. The more I speak up for what I want out of my life, the more my body trusts me – it knows I can protect it now! This work is magic! It is a safe place to explore and discover your true self! At times I feel such a great sense of gratitude – my heart is so full of love that I just cry tears of joy! It’s a similar sensation which I felt on ecstasy, but I’m sober now.”

— RN, age 33 

 “The Aikido based practices have transformed the way I think about relational interactions. Having the opportunity to play thru real life scenarios with my partner, has given me the foundation that I need to actually change the way that I communicate in a hugely positive way.

I have learned how to be connected, and say no at the same time. I honestly did not think this was possible. Charna has helped me to see that saying no, or setting boundaries, helps me meet my own needs, and does not necessarily sacrifice anyone else’s.” 

—Health and Wellness Teacher, age 29

Charna has a way of letting me know I am respected and in control of the pace of the work; this allows me to feel safe enough to keep exploring. Through this work, I have experienced compassion in my body; I am more able to stay present when painful feelings arise, have become more relaxed, less anxious, and more patient towards myself and others.”

—Buddhist practitioner, age 41

"Charna has enabled me to get out of my head and move beyond analyzing my issues. ... As a result, I am letting go of years of tension that my body absorbed and feel my sensations, emotions, and intuition again."

—Artist and Public Affairs professional, age 40

Since working with Charna I have more awareness of how my physical body is connected to my emotions. I can identify what I am feeling more and can also read other people better. This helps with my social anxiety because I can identify with people more and talk to them with more ease. The swirliness in my chest when I felt anxious use to get really overwhelming. Now whenever I feel anxious, I do the breathing and meditation Charna taught me and I feel calm. As a result of feeling calmer and having more awareness I also grind my teeth less.”

—Student, age 17

 “I am a survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual violence. Charna was highly recommended to me by several colleagues and I contacted her to assist me and my partner at the time with better understanding each other’s histories, patterns and how they affected each other. I was in crisis and was looking for both long term awareness and immediate concrete tools to help me get through the day.

I learned that even inside the most disorienting trigger, confronted with the most devastating pain (both my own and pain that I have caused) I AM ok. I learned to listen to small reminders of my resilience and to celebrate them. Practicing setting boundaries with words, gesture and energy has been invaluable to me. Not only have I incorporated these exercises in my personal life, but now include them as a regular part of sessions with clients and in groups with adolescents.

I, and the people around me, have noticed a drastic change in how I carry myself, my self-esteem, my ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries and even set bottom lines about what I want and need in my life. I consider Charna one of my coaches who has helped me to help others.”

—Somatic Practitioner, age 34

“My best friend of twenty-five years and I went to see Charna even when we were talking about benign topics, there was something between us that caused those conversations to feel stilted, inauthentic and tense. I felt that our lifelong friendship was at risk of ending.

The session with Charna brought out some of the emotional causes of our break down in communication, and helped each of us to identify some of the feelings we experienced while we talked to each other. This gave each of us insight into what was actually going on with the other person when we talked and listened to each other.

When we found ourselves in a similar conversation again, we could draw on our session with Charna to help us remember what our old patterns were. We were then able to extend a rediscovered compassion and sensitivity toward each other and stay present with each other during future conversations. This new awareness has changed our communication dynamic and has enabled us to have healthier and more honest conversations today, over two years later!”

— Investigator, age 36

Charna has assisted me in releasing the trauma from my spinal cord injury, through her presence, touch, and insight. She has helped me rediscover my sensations and I'm learning to extend myself towards cultivating new and existing relationships and expanding my sense of community necessary for my own healing.

—Rafe Eric Biggs, Ph.D., quadriplegic psychologist, age 35

“I would highly recommend working with Charna to anyone who’s looking for a grounded, wise, creative, connected and talented therapist. I decided to work with Charna on a particular relationship with a friend. Interactions with my friend turned negative very easily and had me relive my childhood trauma.  Charna helped me get clear on what my standards are for friendship.

Charna brought our awareness to our body language and the meaning behind what our bodies were saying to one another. She slowed us way down and held us in such a safe way that I stayed present where I might go numb in daily life. Charna was very tuned in to shifts in energy and emotions as they surfaced. Rather than feel scared at the vulnerability which arose with this friend who I’d felt so hurt by, I felt excited at the possibility of really getting what I want.

As the session ended we were both extremely open. I appreciated that Charna didn’t offer any specifics for a solution. From that deep space the “how” felt kind of irrelevant. In the past month since the session I have returned to my friendship and felt less guarded and less triggered.

—Body worker, age 37

“The partner exercises we did distilled my core patterns quickly and eloquently, making me a believer that the most effective way to effect real change in your life is through shifts in the body.

—Chiropractor, age 37