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What you'll get out of working with me

People of all developmental stages and ages have benefited from my combined training in the principles of aikido, energetics, attachment theory, neuroscience, meditation and somatic coaching and psychotherapy. With an understanding of your automatic responses in relationship, we can build practices that support your healing and help you create the life you want instead of the one you default to. While each session may look different, there are three consistent components: talking, standing practices and bodywork.


Much of my work with individuals and couples is teaching you about your nervous systems response- how to regulate yourself as well as co-regulate with another. We also focus on nonverbal communication: how your mood and energetic state affect what you are actually communicating to other people’s psychobiologies.

Types of Sessions

Charna is fully vaccinated and sees clients in her Oakland Office and outside in her garden, as well as offers phone and video sessions.


50-80 minutes based on request/need. Commitment to weekly sessions is highly suggested, so you can be supported from falling back into habitual patterns.

Couples/Family/Friend Sessions:

80 minutes to 3 hours. Couples may be seen alone for partial or whole sessions as needed. The session is generally divided into 2 sections; one which will be a facilitated conversation and a second which will be spent in physical practice.


Perhaps you are interested in an individual session, but need the added support system that a couples/family/friends session provides.

Phone sessions:

50-90 minutes, with a body-centered approach despite being in different locations. Phone sessions generally consist of psychotherapeutic conversation, body awareness exercises, grounding meditation, breathing exercises and energy work.


Similar to the work I do with couple or family members, if you are in town for a brief time or want to do a more intensive piece of work alone or with a loved one, I am available for longer sessions with advance notice. These sessions are a minimum of 3 hours.


I accept payment through auto-debit via credit card, cash, check, or Venmo ahead of our meeting if sessions are remote. No sliding scale is available at this time.

Please let me know if you need to submit receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. I am happy to provide superbills.

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